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Professional Graffiti Removal for Your Home or Business

Not only is graffiti unsightly, but it can also serve as an added expense and time waster to remove. This is why it’s important to hire a reliable service that will remove any tags the first time round and avoid the need for a repeat job. We aim to keep our prices competitive so you can enjoy high-quality service, without the expensive price tag.

Graffiti Requires a Specialty Service to Ensure Complete Removal

Due to the resilient nature of paint, ordinary cleaning methods will not suffice in the removal of graffiti. You require speciality equipment and an operator with an in-depth knowledge of such blasting methods to ensure complete removal without damaging the surface itself. With years of experience removing graffiti from various surfaces such as fences, gates, brick, concrete, steel and more, we understand the best approaches to use depending on the extent of the vandalism.

Whether in Newcastle, Terrigal, Gosford or the Greater Central Coast, our Graffiti Removal Comes to You

Our mobile blasting service means we can get to you sooner rather than later to offer a fast and efficient cleaning solution, so you’re not left staring at those ugly tags any longer. Make a booking with our graffiti removal specialists for your domestic, commercial or industrial property in Newcastle, Terrigal, Gosford, or the surrounding Central Coast. Once our professionals have arrived at your property, they will be able to evaluate the extent of the vandalism and be able to suggest an appropriate course of action.

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