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Choose the team with a proven track record for results. When it comes to surface preparation for painting or re-coating purposes, it’s paramount to enlist the services of a qualified sandblasting professional who understands the appropriate methods to use. Stripping paint or rust from certain materials can potentially damage the surface beneath. This is why it’s important to have a trained expert take care of the job to make sure there are no unnecessary scratches or blemishes.

If you are looking to re-paint, or prime a surface, whether brick, stone, concrete, metal or wood, it’s important to ensure the surface is completely clean of contaminants. This is where hiring the leading sandblasting service from Newcastle to the Central Coast, including Gosford and Terrigal, is an appropriate course of action.

Remove Grit and Grime from that Hard to Clean Surfaces with Sandblasting

Sandblasting involves high pressuring cleaning with tiny sand particle abrasives that are designed to agitate and break apart dirt particles and help strip them from a surface. Instead of painstakingly cleaning machinery or materials by hand, and potentially not getting them completely clean, sandblasting can accomplish a much higher standard result in a fraction of the time.

Mobile Sandblasting in Newcastle, and the Central Coast including Gosford and Terrigal

We have experience assisting residential, commercial and industrial projects and can offer our high pressure abrasive cleaning services for a range of applications. We can tailor our services to accommodate the needs of our clients as our sandblasting is scalable to projects both big and small. Speak with our team regarding your project and we’ll be able to offer a solution.

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